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Jr. High Boys Summer Bible Study

Hey There!
Here’s a great opportunity for our Jr. High boys this summer. We will begin a 5 week bible study using the book “Don’t Check Your Brains at The Door”, from the series “know what you believe and why”.
This book has several very short chapters about myths we all believe in when it comes to faith. It’s a fun written way of exploring issues with kids.
This, again, is just for Jr. High boys and will be led by me (Paulo).
When: Sunday July 8th, from 9:45-10:45 am (Sunday School time).
Where: Family Life Center (We will meet here and move to somewhere quiet)
Sign-up: Just show up to sign-up
This is not only a chance to get some faith conversations going on with our Jr. High guys, but also a great place for them to connect and make some new friends. It’s one of the few opportunities for them to be just around kids they’re age in our youth group.
Talk to your boys about it! We’d love to have them here.
Paulo Lopes
Youth Ministry Team

Jr. High Girls Summer Bible Study!

Hey There!

We have a great opportunity for Jr. High Girls beginning this next Sunday Morning (July 1st). We will begin a 5 week bible study just for Jr. High Girls.

They will use the booklet “Courting, Dating & Hanging Out”, which is part of the “True Love Waits takes a look at…” series.

I’m always very careful when it comes to discussing these subjects with our youth. It’s not easy to figure out when, what, how much, and how to, when it comes out to having conversations and instructing kids on the subject of relationships.

However, if we don’t bring it up first from a biblical perspective, they WILL (and most of them have already) see it around them, learn it from friends, watch it on TV, and look it up for themselves on Google. And when that happens, the challenge becomes greater because now we have to start by helping them first UNlearn some of the stuff they’ve seen, and give them some healthy information.

This material is very non-intrusive, and is meant for girls who are just now beginning to realize what’s going on around them when it comes to relationships.

This is our way of partnering with you, parents, in establishing a good foundation around core issues that our kids face now.We hope you will talk to your girls about participating. We’d love to have them. All they need to do is show up this Sunday morning during our Sunday School time (9:30) in the Family Life Center. We will purchase booklets for them so you will have access to what they’re learning.

Jessica Goodrich, one of our youth leaders will be guiding discussions, always accompanied by another adult. Feel free to express your concerns and requests to her.


Paulo Lopes

Youth Ministry Team