Impressions From Salkehatchie Summer Service (part 1)

Hey there!

We’d like you to know a little bit of what’s going on with our youth and chaperones at Salkehatchie Summer Service in Bennetsville. So we’ve asked them to send us a picture, or a thought about their experience so far.

Here’s some of what they’ve sent. Stay tuned for more!

“It’s all about the relationships” (Tyler Nieves)

“Helping others help themselves” (Haley Olds)

“I can’t describe the experience” (Katie Gamble)

“…I’m working hard because I know it’s for Him” (Julie Nierstedt)

“It’s an amazing experience. I can take my blessings and use them to bless others” (Emily Smith)

“An eye opening experience. I’ve grown close to my site family and closer to God” (Grant Tuttle)

Sounds like after just a few days, they’ve already impacted and have been impacted themselves. Pray for all our people in Bennetsville this week!


Youth Ministry Team


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