“Wait For It…”

My wife and I are huge fans of “How I Met Your Mother”. And you just know something funny is coming up when you hear Barney Stinson’s (played by Patrick Neil Harris) line “wait for it…”.

Before I go further into the whole “wait for it…” thing though, I’d like you to consider another well-known saying. Most of you have either said or heard someone say “good things happen to good people”. Have you ever stopped to think about it carefully? Do you really think it’s true? I happen to believe it’s not true. Actually, I really think its one of the most misleading, most insensitive sayings out there!

Think about it for a moment. How many of us know of people who are REALLY GOOD but have had some TERRIBLE THINGS happen to them? Some of our youth who were in Bennetsville this week were able to see this first hand. Most of their stories have to do with how much suffering some people are living through. And these are REALLY GOOD people! I bet some of you right now are thinking about your own situation and wondering what you did to deserve it.

Now back to the title of this post. It’s true that it’s a funny saying, right? What’s not so funny is how true it actually is in life. When all seems to be going well, you can almost hear it… “wait for it…” and surely enough something happens! That’s life. It’s hard. And it has nothing to do with deserving it or not. It has nothing to do with Karma. It’s just the result of a VERY BROKEN WORLD.

Jesus once told his disciples I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) He wanted his disciples to understand that following Him and living righteously would not keep them from troubles. It would actually probably worsen their chances!!

Now you might be thinking “well that just sounds hopeless”. But the most important part of what Jesus was teaching is that we need to shift our question from WHAT? – What are the circumstances around me? What am I going to do? What did I do to deserve this? – to WHO? And the answer can only be found in JESUS!

That’s what Jesus wanted His disciples to understand. “…you will have trouble…” but “in me you may have peace“. Do you see now? That’s the reason why so many of those people our youth were serving this past week seemed to have an amazing joy in spite of their circumstances. Many of them simply understand that their circumstances shouldn’t dictate their peace and joy.

When all around us is falling apart, we can only find peace and joy if we only look for it in… “wait for it…”


May you find true peace and joy in Him!!

What do you think? Are you going through tough times right now? Do you need to find Peace? Share your thoughts with us.


Paulo Lopes

Youth Ministry Team


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