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Your Teenager’s Trip Payed For! Here’s How…

Hey There!

If you’ve been keeping up with news at SurfsideYouth, you know there’s a lot to look forward to this year. And some of the more exciting opportunities involve trips. We have a trip coming up in January, a Youth Conference in February, a camping trip in April, and a mission trip in the summer for both Middle and High Schoolers!

If you’re like me, these trips can easily become financial burdens. Especially if you have more than one kid in our youth ministry. If this is you, I have great news!

This year, beyond our usual fundraisers (Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival) which we’ll talk about soon, we have an opportunity for your teenager to have his/her way payed for to our trips!! And while they’re at it, they’ll learn to value some work, and they’ll get to hang out with some great older Christian adults.

You may or may not know this, but we have dinners at church every Wednesday night. These are organized by Lester and Jo, who are members of our church and also owners of Chelsea Jo’s restaurant in Garden City. They, and several other volunteers, give their time to serve our church by offering these “Spirit Night” dinners.

This year, Lester is offering an opportunity to our youth ministry. Our youth (2 at a time) can take turns giving just 2 (Two!!) hours every 4 (Four!!) weeks on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30pm to help out cleaning up and, in exchange, they will make a deposit in our youth account. So we’ve decided, in turn, to give this money back to the youth who work on wednesdays in the form of trip scholarships throughout the year!!

All you need to do if you’d like to take advantage of this is contact me (Paulo) ASAP. We only have 8 spots, and we need to fill these by Tuesday!

So don’t waist any time and let me know if you’re interested. I’ll be available to answer any questions or inform you of any further details.

That’s it for now!


Paulo Lopes

Youth Ministry Team


Who Controls Your Tongue?

We’re glad to offer you a guest post written by Charlotte Ebaugh, our Director of Children’s Ministries at Surfside Church. Charlotte has been with us for about a year now. She is married and has two children (a boy and a girl). She loves Jesus and finding ways to help children and families connect with God. If you have children 11 and under, or if you find this post helpful to you, she’d be happy to hear form you:

The tongue has the power to encourage someone & make a positive and everlasting impact on their life.  But, do you realize that the tongue also has the power to cause pain, discouragement & can destroy? WOW!!

Lately I’ve been learning about the power of my words, because not only do I need to be reminded of how powerful/impactful my tongue and words are to others, but I also want to be a living example of how Christ can change us!  We can resist ourselves and supernaturally do things through Him, because it is He who strengthens us and can make all things possible…even taming the tongue!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve hurt people with things I say, but my hope is that I will always be “quick to listen & slow to speak” (James 1:19) and that my words would always be encouraging, uplifting, kind, and filled with the love of Christ.

Through much reflection, I’ve realized that I struggle with taming my tongue for 2 different reasons:

1- If I am tired or hungry. I can easily become irritable when I’ve not eaten or haven’t had enough sleep.  Does this ever happen to you?  How do we get past being irritable and instead respond to others with love & kindness… even in the most difficult of times?  Let’s reflect for a moment on the book of Proverbs (12:18) where Solomon reminds us of this:

“The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”

Even in the moments of irritability or difficult circumstances, we can recognize that we can choose to either be reckless with our words and cause pain…OR…we can choose to set aside what we’re dealing with and think of others and the opportunity to bring healing to those around us with encouraging & loving words.

2-  When I respond based on my emotions or what I’m feeling in the moment.  As I have become older & hopefully a little wiser, I’ve realized that I can’t always trust my feelings or emotions.  I’m a woman and, because of hormones, sometimes everything around me can be perfectly fine, but because of what’s going on inside of me, I can be sad, overwhelmed, frustrated, etc.  This is an ongoing journey for me as I desire to always speak encouraging words to everyone in my life…my husband, my children, my extended family, my friends, & the children I have been called to minister to.  I recognize the power of words and how those words can impact someone in such a beautiful way and negative/discouraging words can cause suffering & destruction…and even impact them for life.

Do you struggle with your tongue, speaking words to others that you later regret?  I can tell you that there is hope and a promise in Christ Jesus. He can help you with any struggles you may be having…just ask Him.  I have asked & I know He is with me on my journey and helping me along the way.

My prayer is that I will be the woman Solomon describes in Proverbs 31:26… “She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.”   

May others always speak to you with the greatest love and kindness!

Abundant Blessings,

Charlotte Ebaugh