BeHere, Belong, Become, and in all BeHappy!

Hey there!

Here at SurfsideYouth we’ve been working for the past year on answering questions like “why do we do what we do?”, “how can we better serve God and our youth?”, and so on. By taking a step back and looking at our youth, their families, and our church, we were able to discover what it is that God is calling us to do and to be as a youth ministry. And then we simplified everything to it’s core so anyone can understand what we’re up to. Here’s what we want to be all about:

“At Surfside Youth we will do everything we can so that teenagers will BEHERE, BELONG, BECOME, and in all, BE HAPPY”

It’s important, if you and your family are somehow involved with our ministry at SurfsideYouth, that you know this because it makes all the difference in understanding why we choose the programs we choose, why we write a blog like this, etc.

We will spend some time in the next few weeks going through what we have to look forward to this year. So we wanted you to know that everything we do falls under one of 4 categories. We do this to make sure we’re focused on our mission. Here’s how it breaks down:

BEHERE: We want to continue reaching more youth and their families with the good news of Jesus! In order to do this, we’re committed to providing opportunities for our youth to invite their friends into our group. These are called BEHERE events. We’ll introduce you to some of these opportunities in the next few posts.

BELONG: As your kids and other teenagers decide to spend more and more time hanging out with us, we want them to grow deeper in their relationship with God and with others. In other words, we want them to find a second family. One that shares in their same faith and encourages them in their journey. These are our BELONG events. And it’s the most essential part of our ministry. More on that later.

BECOME: We believe in a God who impacts and transforms peoples lives. Next, He empowers us to transform the world around us. It starts with our family, friends neighbors, but the possibilities are endless. Our BECOME opportunities and events are meant for those students that have already been part of our family, and who are ready to take the next steps. They’ll have the opportunity to BECOME leaders, and hopefully discover God given passions that will stick with them for life.

BEHAPPY!: All of the above sounds pretty serious, and it is! But our God is also the source of true joy. And in all we do, we want our youth ministry family to experience and to model what it’s like to BEHAPPY in Jesus! As Christians, we are called to also be the true party people! Think about it. In a world where so many people are trying to find escape from realities of life, we find in Jesus a real reason to celebrate. We hope you will join in our celebration!

As nice as all of this might sound, it can get pretty messy. We will continue to do our best to serve you and your family, being faithful to what God is calling us to be.

As I mentioned earlier, we will talk more about our events and programs in future posts.


Paulo Lopes

Youth Ministry Team


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