We’re Going Orange At SurfsideYouth

Hey All!

Don’t worry, I don’t mean we’re officially becoming Clemson fans! That would get us into a lot of trouble! Plus, we try and stay positive about all our South Carolina schools, especially CCU!

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we’re really excited about all the new things we’re rolling out this year at SurfsideYouth. In order to accommodate our new initiatives, we have decided to refocus the way we use our time with our youth.

I talked about our BELONG events in a previous post. It’s when our youth get a chance to grow on their relationship to God and to each other.

The main opportunity for this will be on Sunday mornings at 9:45. We will be using a curriculum called ORANGE XP3. There will be  short talk and small groups, where kids get to interact, ask questions, share their thoughts, and be around a consistent group of friends. Here are a couple of short videos about this new curriculum. It’s worth the 2 minutes to understand what your kids are doing on Sunday mornings!

what-is-orange from melanie adcock on Vimeo.


We’re almost just as new to this as you are. But we’re really excited about it. With ORANGE XP3, you will get weekly updates on what our youth are learning and discussing, plus a few pointers on how to start conversations with them around what they’re learning. There’s more to it, but for now we’ll leave it at this.

Next time we’ll talk about our Sunday nights.


Paulo Lopes

Youth Ministry Team


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