Have You Seen Our New Website???

Hey there!

I hope Monday is treating you well! I know it’s not always easy starting our weeks. And this is the first school Monday!

I have great news for you. Today we are launching our new SurfsideYouth website and I wanted to give you an opportunity to check it out first hand! So go to surfsideyouth.com  and see what you think. There you can check out our events calendar, see what our current series is, look at pictures of what’s going on, and you can also download release forms and specific event forms directly to your computer. We hope you enjoy it and also mention it to friends who might be interested in learning more about our youth ministry.

Oh! And by the way, there’s a mobile version of the site as well, so if you access it from your smartphone, you can still look at our calendar and contact us.

Our blog will continue to be our main way of communicating with you on a weekly basis. Here you’ll continue to find “the latest surfside youth NEWS-UPDATES-INFO and thoughts on FAMILY-FAITH-LIFE”. And we hope it only gets better! But now you have several other options to stay connected with SurfsideYouth. On our website and our blog, you have the option to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. You can also choose to follow this blog and get automatic updates if you’d like. Just enter your email address at the top right.

So click away and let us know what you think. Does it look OK? Can we make it better? We hope to hear from you.


Paulo Lopes

Youth Ministry Team



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