We Want To Help You Get Your Kids Into College!

Unknown-1Hey  There!

If you have kids who are either getting ready to start High School next year, or who are already visiting colleges for 2014, we have some great news for you!

We are hosting a FREE event with College Admissions Consultant Christopher Parsons. Christopher grew up at Surfside Church. He is a high school teacher at the Academy For Arts And Sciences. As a teacher, he became well aware of the difficulties which parents and students go through trying to make sense of the complicated world of college choices, applications, financial aid, etc. Now mr. Parsons specializes in helping students and families take effective steps towards college acceptance, while relieving them of a whole lot of stress.

Join us Sunday June 16th, 5pm-7pm in the Youth Room, at our Family Life Center!

We will offer snacks. Christopher will give us a presentation covering general guidelines, advice and tips, and will later open up for questions.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity! See you there!


J. Paulo Lopes

Surfside Youth Team


Youth Reflections – Haley Olds

We’re really excited to bring you what we hope is the first of many “Youth Reflections”. These are devotions, or simply thoughts on life and faith that our youth can submit to us.  They are original, from the hearts and minds of our own youth. This first one is from Haley Olds, a Jr. at St. James High School

If you like this reflection, please post a comment at the comment section or follow Haley on Twitter @haleysheeran . I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.

“I want to help you live lives of faithful devotion to The Lord without any distraction.” – 1 Corinthians 8:35

What is in front of your love for The Lord? What thoughts are consuming you other than the thoughts of God? Wether it’s a boyfriend, a sport, a worry, drama, I pray you evaluate that situation and remember God matters more. Know that he will take out whatever is front of Him in your heart if it gets to be too much.

By Haley Olds