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Your Teenager’s Trip Payed For! Here’s How…

Hey There!

If you’ve been keeping up with news at SurfsideYouth, you know there’s a lot to look forward to this year. And some of the more exciting opportunities involve trips. We have a trip coming up in January, a Youth Conference in February, a camping trip in April, and a mission trip in the summer for both Middle and High Schoolers!

If you’re like me, these trips can easily become financial burdens. Especially if you have more than one kid in our youth ministry. If this is you, I have great news!

This year, beyond our usual fundraisers (Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival) which we’ll talk about soon, we have an opportunity for your teenager to have his/her way payed for to our trips!! And while they’re at it, they’ll learn to value some work, and they’ll get to hang out with some great older Christian adults.

You may or may not know this, but we have dinners at church every Wednesday night. These are organized by Lester and Jo, who are members of our church and also owners of Chelsea Jo’s restaurant in Garden City. They, and several other volunteers, give their time to serve our church by offering these “Spirit Night” dinners.

This year, Lester is offering an opportunity to our youth ministry. Our youth (2 at a time) can take turns giving just 2 (Two!!) hours every 4 (Four!!) weeks on Wednesdays from 5:30-7:30pm to help out cleaning up and, in exchange, they will make a deposit in our youth account. So we’ve decided, in turn, to give this money back to the youth who work on wednesdays in the form of trip scholarships throughout the year!!

All you need to do if you’d like to take advantage of this is contact me (Paulo) ASAP. We only have 8 spots, and we need to fill these by Tuesday!

So don’t waist any time and let me know if you’re interested. I’ll be available to answer any questions or inform you of any further details.

That’s it for now!


Paulo Lopes

Youth Ministry Team


Getting Ready For Salkehatchie 2012

Hey everyone,

As many of you already know, every summer for the past several years (way before I became a part of the surfside youth family) our church sends a team of adults and youth to Salkehatchie Summer Service. This has become a rite of passage of sorts for our students moving from middle school to high school, since the minimum age required is 14 years old.

This year we are sending a total of 26 people from our church to Salkehatchie. But if your not coming along, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be involved!!! I’d like to show you a few ways to get involved, and at the same time get some information to people who are going and are required to participate.

1- Quarters For Salkehatchie: We have a Toolbox filled with prescription bottles just outside the sanctuary here at SUMC. Pick on up, fill it up with quarters, and bring it back. This is our biggest fundraiser for Salkehatchie!

2- BEACH BLAST: This Saturday (That’s right, we just got our permissions figured out yesterday!!) we will be selling hotdogs and FRIED OREOS (so good and so bad for you) at Myrtle Beach’s now annual Christian Music Festival. All youth who are going to Salkehatchie should be there. All of you who aren’t are certainly welcome to help out. Here’s what you need to know:
– We meet at church this Saturday at 12pm to pack up and go to the concert.
– We need confirmation by tomorrow (friday) of whoever is coming in order to provide passes.
– We will take shifts while there, but we will all come back to church when done to clean up. This should be late Saturday Night.

3- We will have a meeting for all who are going and their parents THIS SUNDAY @ 7PM after our usual 5-7pm gathering. If you are going to Salkehatchie, YOU NEED TO BE THERE!

4- Car Wash: We are setting a date for a car wash mis June. Stay tuned for details!

That’s about it for now. We hope your families are doing well this school year end, and that all our youth will finish up well!!


Paulo Lopes