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Youth Reflections – Haley Olds

We’re really excited to bring you what we hope is the first of many “Youth Reflections”. These are devotions, or simply thoughts on life and faith that our youth can submit to us.  They are original, from the hearts and minds of our own youth. This first one is from Haley Olds, a Jr. at St. James High School

If you like this reflection, please post a comment at the comment section or follow Haley on Twitter @haleysheeran . I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.

“I want to help you live lives of faithful devotion to The Lord without any distraction.” – 1 Corinthians 8:35

What is in front of your love for The Lord? What thoughts are consuming you other than the thoughts of God? Wether it’s a boyfriend, a sport, a worry, drama, I pray you evaluate that situation and remember God matters more. Know that he will take out whatever is front of Him in your heart if it gets to be too much.

By Haley Olds


Our New BeHere Sundays!

Hey There!

If you’re keeping up with our latest posts, you know that we’ve been rolling out what our Youth Ministry will look like this year.

Today we’d like to introduce you to our Sunday night programing for this year. We call Sunday night events our BeHere events because it’s meant to be (most of the time) the place where our youth can invite their friends to come for the first time. These BeHere will have two main schedules: A regular schedule, which will be throughout most of the year; And an YOUTH ALPHA schedule, which will happen for 8 weeks in the spring. Here’s a brief description of both:

Regular Schedule: During our regular schedule, Sunday nights will mostly be split into Outreach Events, Small Group and Large Group outings, Special Seasonal Events (Holidays, Pumpkin Patch, etc.), and ORANGE XP’s. The first three are self explanatory. And the last one is part of our ORANGE curriculum. XP stands for Experience. Every series we teach on Sunday mornings has an XP component so that our youth can learn from experiences and not just talk. As you might have realized already, these are events that are much more conducive to new youth. They’re the place we want our youth to feel confortable inviting their friends.

YOUTH ALPHA Schedule: How many of us would like to share our faith with friends, family, neighbors, but don’t know how? Some of us fear being too pushy in conversations and don’t want to lose friends. Some of us are simply shy and wouldn’t even know how to begin a faith conversation. YOUTH ALPHA is a safe place where our youth will be encouraged to invite friends to an 8 week Sunday night program, filled with games, music, and small group discussions where they can ask all the questions about faith that they’ve always wanted to ask, but never knew how and where. We will dedicate a post to explain more about YOUTH ALPHA.

Our hope is that as you learn about our youth ministry and what we have to look forward to, that you will get excited about it and talk to your kids about being a part of our group on a consistent basis. Also feel free to spread the word to neighbors and friends as the new school years begins. The more the merrier!


Paulo Lopes

Youth Ministry Team